My first evening in Barcelona I taught a very informal workshop at Dudua located at c/Diluvi 5. Before the workshop I was horribly lost on the little streets of Vila de Gracia. Google Maps mapes it look so simple, yet I required the help of the locals!  Once again the dog walkers directed me to where I needed to go.

Map of Barcelona Dudua Workshop

Only days before I arrived Dudua posted my workshop on their blog.  Surprisingly we filled every seat in the shop! Who knew that so many fiber artists in Barcelona would be interested in eTextiles? Thanks to Ali’s generous sharing of her fabric stash and supply of hand sewing needles everyone was able to sew LED circuits and learn the basics about conductive thread, coin cell batteries and LEDs.

eTextile class at Dudua in Barcelona 28 October 2013

I hope everyone had a fun.  I know I did!  Especially because Dudua had chocolates to keep my jet lagged mind sharp and responsive.  Thank You!  I hope to see everyone again in the Spring!

eTexxtile workshop at Dudua in Barcelona 28 October 2013