eBaked Holiday Gingerbread House

A super simple, educational and tasty method to illuminate the long winter solistice night.

Complete DIY How-To instructions are on my Instructibles page.

Make a Paper Prototype and mark the electronic circuits
001 Prototype


Gather supplies
007 Process

Cut the gingerbread according to the paper pattern
002 Pattern

Include the conductive thread and LEDs
005 Cookie Test LED

Test the LEDs with a 3V coin cell battery
006 Cookie Tray Test LED ON

Bake the gingerbread, conductive thread, and LEDs in at 250F degrees for an hour. Once the gingerbread is cooled test the circuits again.

009 Baked LED Test 2

Decorate the gingerbread house with sugar icing electronic symbols.

013 Icing Symbols

Assemble the eBaked Gingerbread House by tying the conductive thread to complete the circuits.

012 Conductive Thread Corner COnnections

Power on and await Santa’s goodness! Happy Holidays!

018 LED on

Instructable 31 December 2011