How to Weave eTextiles

Way back in April 2012 I was writing an article on how to weave LEDs into a conductive thread warp. I was frustrated that I couldn’t share the progress on the interwebz. In my tech world I support open source and creative commons. Yet, with media and competitions I have to respect first rights of publication.

Its a difficult balancing act to keep all the plates spinning at once.

By the time the publishing industry releases the article, 6 to 8 months later, I am solidly working on other projects. Its a step back in time to look at, let alone talk about, the technique, methods and materials the magazine readers believe is current. All of this simply adds to my sense of living in a worm hole caught between time zones, real time and media time.

And so it goes.

You can find the complete How-To in Handwoven Magazine November 2012 issue or download from their website.

Handwoven November/December 2012
online download

And I have posted a supporting video of my weaving process.


Detail pics…

Slide LED into the conductive thread warp
LED connected to conductive thread with metal crimping beads

Test Polarity
Test LED polarity before inderting into the warp crimping beads

Testing the Final eTextile Fabric
Testing LED Circuit off the loom