Makerspace LA – free eTextile Workshop

Saturday 4 May 2013 Matt Pinner, from crashSpace, and I hosted an eTextile workshop at the Los Angeles Makerspace.

About 18 people came to learn about conductive thread, copper foil tape and Bare Conductive Paint to create eTextiles and paper computing.

We began with the basic LED circuit that I use for all my classes.The two hours flew by as we talked about continuity, resistance, how to use the continuity setting on a multimeter.

Why its better to attach components to the top surface of copper tape and how its best to fold the tape instead of cutting it. (see my post on copper foil tape and paper computing)

I shared my thoughts on the current supply of 234/34 4 ply conductive thread and how to select conductive thread for a soft circuit project.

I hope that all the participants are excited to begin their next project and know that they can easily find me on twitter for easy consults.