Surface Design Association In-ter-face Conference

Links from my lecture Saturday 8 June 2013 1:30PM and eTextile workshop 10-11 June 2013

Ohms Law 

E = I x R          E = Volts,  I = Amps  and R = Resistance

source All About Circuts



Diana Dew from Creators Project

Hovding Bike Helmet

LED Circuit – post image

what is conductive thread – Lynne’s video

Weaving eTextiles Handwoven November 2012

Clasped Weft Weaving in Weavezine 2009

Bare Conductive Paint

CU Pro Conductive Paint – LessEMF and scroll down to CUPro

Flat Flexible Connectors – DigiKeyPart numbers: 609-2178-ND/ 609-4477-ND/ 609-2160-ND

LEDs –

tilt switch – from adafruit

photo sensor – from adafruit

Maxbotix Ultra Sonic Range Finders

Circuit Stickers from MIT High-Low Lab

Lynne’s How To eTextiles on Instructables



How to Get What you Want – KOBAKANT

Instructables  search soft circuits or eTextiles

High Low Tech



eTextile Lounge

Lynne’s  youTube channel

Lynne’s instructables page



make a prototype and test test test!!!
then email me with a pic/video to accompany your specific question!