Tasmeem – Day 2


On Day 2 the challenge began with making a circuit using 5 LEDs.

Participants quickly learned that multiple colors of LEDs compete for power.  Red LEDs dominate all other colors, but occasionally other colors can work together.  To be on the safe side, they began making multiple circuits to separate the colors.

Hand sewn and embroidered multi-colored Star overlays by ___________.


Super Duper Craft Tech puppy by fashion student _____ at VCU Qatar.  Yes, she did take this project home and crafted it during the night!



Bare Conductive Paint and 5 LEDs using one circuit by: Hisham Dawoud, senior in fashion at VCU Qatar


The participants learned new techniques with some tools I brought from my studio.  Here ______ learned needle felting and then applied LEDs to her bubble wrap phone case.  smart!


Butteryfly from conductive thread and 5 blue LEDs by MFA Student Aamina Malik.  This group of art students quickly learned to hide the electronics and pop the LED lens thru a hole cut into the fashion fabric.


Puppy hand sewn with conductive thread and five red LEDs


Being art students they quickly, and accurately, stop following all rules.  Alex ___ , a sculpture student at VCU Richmond, began cutting linolium blocks to print circuits with Bare Conductive paint.   I was doubly impressed!

Display Wall end of Day 2



Innovation. Creation. Education.
from the eTextile and paper computing lab participants of Tasmeem Doha 2013.

Thank you Virginia Commonwealth UniversityMathaf Museum, The Qatar Foundation for hosting this life changing workshop.