Tasmeem – Day 4


By Day 4 we were all in the creative spirit with our own projects, sharing our new techniques with each other and teaching the interested bystander on how to use conductive thread to make a basic LED circuit.  See one. Do one. Teach one.

The M2’s made a glowing pillow!


While Hisham worked on needle felting and integrating Maxbotix’s Ultrasonic Range Finders with his refined sense of design.


Sculpture student Alex Curley from VCU Richmond worked with ATtiny45 to slowly fade 5 LEDs as well as creating a quick fiber optics spray of glow.


Lolwa Hassan created a Lighthouse with a pressure sensor switch of conductive fabric and velostat and ATtiny45 programed to blink!  This project was a struggle thru short circuits and fine tuning the pressure switch located at the lighthouse door.  I have much respect for her determination to make this work.  And even more appreciation for her sense of aesthetics!



Innovation. Creation. Education.
from the eTextile and paper computing lab participants of Tasmeem Doha 2013.

Thank you Virginia Commonwealth University, Mathaf Museum, The Qatar Foundation for hosting this life changing workshop.